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The first video listed is the latest complete episode of the Sequin of Kindness™.  The “Introduction” starts the beginning of video clips of the most current episode.

To view in a larger format and in high definition, watch them on the Sequin of Kindness™ YouTube channel.  Or, click on the YouTube logo once your selected clip below starts to play.

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Sequin of Kindness | Full Episode 6

Amanda Miller, Gardening for the Soul, Founder

The Creation of You’ve Been Flowered

Gardening For The Soul – Blog and Website

Who gets “Flowered”

Paying It Forward via Flowers

The Grid Of Love

The Green Belt Movement

Starting A Small Garden

Human Connection

Keeping The Flower Grid Going

How To Support Amanda’s Vision

All Of Us Can Make A Difference

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  1. Mary Kobrenski says:

    Lovely idea, spreading the natural energy of the coneflower with the intention of spreading ‘love’. Just the thought of it is healing.

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