Sequin of Kindness – Episode 2 | March 2012

Sequin of Kindness | Full Episode #2

Sequin of Kindness TV Introduction

Tracy Moore’s Kindness Story – UMass Lowell

UMass Lowell Utilizes the “Sequin of Kindness”

UML Special Events Involving Kindness

Electronic Interaction vs. Face to Face Kindness

Students Go Beyond the UML Campus

Students Interact While Posting Kindness Stories

Educating Students About Kind Behavior

Looking for Opportunities to Be Kind

Career Path Change and Community Kindness

World Health Organization

Students Read Kindness Stories Written by Peers

Students Participate with the “Sequin of Kindness”

Positive Change in Students

UML Students Reach Out to the Elderly

Wrap Up | Episode #2 UMass Lowell