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Sequin of Kindness | Episode 5 (October, 2014)

Episode 5This episode features a discussion with Leah Okimoto, Founder and Executive Director of Aaron’s Presents. She offers unique grants to children in 8th grade and below to carry out positive, thoughtful projects of their own design. The goal is to encourage children from an early age to start to view their lives in terms of what they can give, rather than what they can expect to receive.

Sequin of Kindness | Episode 4 (September, 2013)

Episode 4 IconThis episode features a discussion with Gene Baur, President and Co-Founder of Farm Sanctuary. The focus of our discussion is how Farm Sanctuary is kind to animals by providing a safe haven for abused farm animals, educating the public and working to push through laws and polices for farm animals to be treated humanely.

Sequin of Kindness | Episode 3 (May, 2013)

Episode 3This episode features a discussion with author, RM Allen, on the importance of being kind to our environment. Renay has written two books as part of her New Hampshire Goddess Chronicles series (Vol. 1 Light Your Torch and Vol. 2 A Scorpion in the Desert).

Sequin of Kindness | Episode 2 (March, 2012)

Episode 2This episode features a discussion of how UMass Lowell brings kindness activities to the university and how they enlighten their students about the importance of kind behavior.

Sequin of Kindness | Episode 1 (December, 2012)

Episode 1This is the pilot episode for the Sequin of Kindness.  The discussion of the first show focuses on the incredible kind act of organ donation.  The guest, Maura Snow, donated a kidney to her friend and neighbor.

Sequin of Kindness on Shrink Rap (August, 2012)

2011-08-24-barb-petricone-077 - Version 3Cyber Bullying has become a very widespread issue across all social media platforms. In this video, Sequin of Kindness’ founder, Barb Petricone, provides a simple strategy for ending Cyber Bullying.