Preschooler Ideas

Children as young as three years old can participate in the Sequin of Kindness. A teacher in Queens New York stated her preschoolers embraced the kindness project with enthusiasm. Below are some ideas that you may find helpful.

  • Make a chart for the front of the classroom and when a child passes a sequin (an act of kindness) have them, with the assistance of the teacher, glue/stick a sequin on the chart by their name.
  • Have the child take home a note that says “I passed a sequin today” for the parents to read (blank notecards are available).
  • Ask the school to put the Sequin of KindnessTM concept in their newsletter so parents can be aware of what the SOK is about.
  • Initiate a discussion about kindness while at home. Give examples of how a preschooler can be kind to siblings, parents, animals and the planet.
  • Typically, a student receives a wristband (supplied by the SOK) once they have turned in their kindness story assignment. As these students are too small to wear wristbands, one teacher gave them to the parents when they picked up their children at the end of the school day.
  • Coloring pages of the blog hand image are available for children to color, scribble or trace–thereʼs a comment area for the teacher to write their act of kindness–makes great refrigerator art!

Please contact me at with questions, comments or to request notecards or wristbands.

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