Kindness For a Classmate

20100218_pid55756_aid55755_classnotes_w400A classmate of mine became unwell and could not make it to class. I offered to take detailed notes and show her what we did, in the class that she missed. She was kept up to speed and could return to class informed and without a beat 🙂

~ Jean, College Student

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The Kindness of Aaron’s Presents

logoMy name is Leah Okimoto, I started an organization based in Andover, MA called Aaron’s Presents in memory of my infant son. It is a unique grants program that invites young children in 8th grade and below to apply for a grant of up to $500 in materials and services in order to carry out a positive, thoughtful project of their own design.

Aarons presents Celebration eventThe goal is to encourage children from an early age to start to view their lives in terms of what they can give, rather than what they can expect to receive, at every age and stage of their lives. Through the process, they start to regard themselves as members of a community, with the ability and responsibility to contribute, help and problem-solve, to think of others’ needs alongside their own, and to create meaningful connections between themselves and other human beings. I believe that this outlook will infuse their lives, actions and achievements with purpose, meaning, true happiness and a way to cope and heal through difficult times. In the process, they will also learn valuable leadership and project management skills.

Aarons presents Celebration eventIn the spring of 2014, I piloted the program at the Lowell Community Charter Public School in Lowell, MA and the Youth Development Organization after-school program in Lawrence, MA. I worked with 26 children on 12 wonderful projects that directly impacted over 1,000 people. This fall, I will be working to spread the word in all types of communities, cities and towns within a 30-mile radius of Andover and is excited to see what these creative and kind kids come up with!

Please check us out, we appreciate any support you are able to give.

~ Kindly, Leah Okimoto –

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Kindness For A Stranger

I moved to New England two years ago and accepted a position at a spa. I drove down Amherst Street every day to get to work. In the Fall I noticed a young man walking down the street pretty much every day. He appeared as though he was physically challenged. He had difficulty keeping his limbs still while walking. I must have driven past him 10 or 15 times in the morning when I would be on my way to the spa. It was in the Fall so it was cool outside, but he wasn’t trudging through the snow.

music-headphonesOne morning I saw him walking and I decided I wanted to meet him. He had no problem getting to where he was going, but I thought maybe today he might like a ride. He just so happened to be walking in front of my work, so I pulled into the parking lot and said “hi my name is Megan”, he introduced himself. I asked him if he wanted a ride and he accepted. He was on his way to Bonhoeffer’s Cafe where he would look for work on his computer while having coffee. He was from Indiana and he moved here couple years ago and he loved listening to music. His head phones to his CD player were old so when I dropped him off I gave him a pair of ear buds that I never used.

We parted ways and I never saw him walking down the street again. He told me many people would give him rides, so I wasn’t the only person being kind to him. We had a nice chat that day. I really hate that I haven’t seen him again. I’d love to know more of his story.

~ Megan, College Student

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The Kindness of Reiki

reikiEarly one morning I received a strange text from an unknown number. The text read “Had a bad fall, please send healing”. I questioned the texter of their identity only to be confused; thinking that it had been a family member/close friend. Having taken energy healing classes such as Reiki 1 and 2, I decided to sit down and use all that I knew to send this person some long distance Reiki. I let her know what I was doing and asked for her name. I spent about a half hour picturing this woman’s pain decreasing and sending as much healing energy as I could.

The next day the woman called me on the telephone. She was so touched by my good deed that she invited me over to her house so she could thank me in person.  I was very hesitant of doing this learning about “stranger danger” growing up…but she lived close and I took my best friend with me for protection. When I arrived, the woman explained that she was a Reiki master and had studied with many of the original, and highly acclaimed, Reiki practitioners. I felt blessed to have met her and to repay me she gave me a very powerful 45 minute Reiki session; I was very grateful. I am so thankful for unique and beautiful moments like these.

~AC College Student

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The Kind Volunteers at Soup Kitchens

logoAs an act of kindness I have volunteered at Share Outreach in Milford NH. Two Tuesdays a month they have a community dinner and this week we had free range chicken soup. The chickens were donated! I washed dishes after the meal with a beautiful group of people, it was great fun.

~ College Student, NCC

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Kindness for a Senior Citizen

10765217-a-silhouette-of-a-full-length-portrait-of-a-karate-child-exercising-isolated-on-white-backgroundMy 8-year old son participates in music and karate at two different studios. One night we were hurrying from one studio to the another. It was a snowy and cold winter evening. We noticed a senior citizen carrying a heavy bag in one hand holding a cane in the another.  She was having a difficult time walking, she walked very slowly and carefully.

I told my son that we should help her, but we would definitely be late for his karate class or even miss it. He liked karate so much, but he decided to help the woman anyway. We assisted the woman to her home and missed the karate class. When we arrived at her home, we could see that her family were very worried about her. They did not know that she had decided to go to a shopping. They were so thankful to us. My son and I were glad to help this woman. I was so happy and proud of my son because he chose kindness over his favorite class.

~ College Student, NCC

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An Anonymous Gift of Kindness

grocery-gift-cardA friend and colleague is going through a very difficult time in her life. She is struggling financially and has serious issues with one of her children. She is such a hard worker and such a great person. She confided in me that things were so desperate that she had to turn to her local food bank for help just to feed her and her children. I was shocked and sad. She did not want any hand outs and was not angry or looking for sympathy or help. I knew she would not accept money, so I anonymously gave her gift cards to a local grocery store.

~ College Student, NCC

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Lending a Loving Hand

mother-and-baby-silhouetteWhen I found out that one of my “other moms” had advanced cancer, I visited with her regularly at her home where her partner and a former partner were lovingly tending to her.  

I decided that I needed to stay to also lend a loving hand.  I made meals and made sure that the others were cared for as well. Those two weeks were so profound to me. I’m eternally grateful that I was able to be there to take care of her as well as her partner as she prepared to transition.

~ College Student, NCC

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A Gift of Kindness From a Mother

motherchildA woman was told after a long battle with cancer that she was soon going to die.  Her discomfort had been progressing and her body was significantly slowing down.  She was very involved with integrative treatments including meditation and Therapeutic Touch.  As her death was getting closer, she wanted to incorporate a form of energy work that helps to provide a peaceful transition during the active phase of dying. The woman’s daughter was very glad to help in any way to make her mom more comfortable.

The last moments of woman’s life were beautiful beyond words; she was clearly at peace. When you think about the kind one in this situation you may be thinking it’s the daughter; after all she took the Therapeutic Touch classes. But that’s not the correct answer; anyone can take classes. This Sequin of Kindness is all about the mother that gave a special gift of kindness to her daughter and family; a gift not all are capable of giving. The woman invited her daughter into an experience that was sure to be unique and very personal. She showed them you don’t have to fear death; she gave a remarkable gift, a memory that will last a lifetime.

~ College Student, NCC

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UMass Lowell students share acts of kindness!

1505064_10151832581051498_1851602422_nOver 100 students from the University of Massachusetts Lowell visited the Sequin of Kindness™ booth at their Stress Relief Day fair!  They had so many great acts of kindness to share showing, once again, a small act of kindness does goes a long way.  Below are just a few.


Thank you to Tracy Moore and her team for heading up this great UML event.


Bought food for my friend because she has a limited income.

Gave a homeless man money.

Moved a grocery cart out of a parking spot.

Help someone that was lost.

I picked up my international friends from a train station when they missed their ride.

Helped someone pick up their dropped books in the library.

Took care of a friend when they were sick.

I used a guest meal on a stranger who was hungry.

Helped a friend with calculus homework.

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