Extra Credit Assignment Ideas

Looking for a creative way to allow students to have an extra credit assignment in your class? A couple of extra credit points can make all the difference in a studentʼs grade, what better way to accomplish this than an act of kindness. Here are some ideas for you.

  • Have your student(s) pass a sequin (an act of kindness) to someone and write/email the story to you. You, or the student, can then forward the story to me through the blog, for posting.
  • You can keep it as simple as that or you may want your students to share their stories during class and have a discussion surrounding kindness. If age appropriate, consider asking for a volunteer from your class to help with emailing the stories.
  • Bring the blog right into the classroom, show it on PowerPoint or gather around a computer to allow the students to read what kids are doing in other schools.
  • Another point of discussion can be to how to engage in social networking and blogs in a courteous and kind manner.
  • Remember, the students can pass sequins to humans, animals or the environment.
  • Iʼve found that once a student story is posted on the blog, they continue passing sequins on their own even though they are not receiving extra credit. Students have come up to me in the hall, stopped by my classroom and chatted with me in the cafe about a new act of kindness that they have passed without any prompting from me.

For more information, go to Classroom Guidelines to review or download a pdf. Feel free to email me barb@sequinofkindness.org or call at 978-251-9699 to discuss more ideas.

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