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Welcome, educators!  First, let me thank you for considering this project as an assignment in your classroom.  If you are taking the time to read through the blog, I know you’re are a caring teacher with a creative flare!  

The following are excellent resources that have already been tested in classrooms, Universities, and communities as a creative and healthy way to promote kindness and enhance education.

Classroom Assignments & Resources:  The blog is a great place to discover classroom ideas that will inspire your students and community in promoting anti-bullying strategies by creating a community of kindness one small act at a time (read more).

Community Projects:  Looking for a way to connect your students to a positive community project?  Incorporate the Sequin of Kindness™ into a school health fair or anti-bullying event (read more).

Preschoolers:  Yes, even children as young as 3 years old can participate in the Sequin of Kindness™.  A teacher in Queens, New York has already done so (read more).


Ice Breaker Activities:  We all know how awkward students can feel when getting to know their teachers and peers.  Let the Sequin of Kindness™ help break the ice (read more).


Extra Credit Assignments:  For some students a couple of extra points can make all the difference in their grade.  Give them an opportunity by having them do a kind act for another (read more).

Read some of the Sequin Stories – submitted by both students and adults who are taking small steps – one sequin at a time – by making kindness a part of their daily lives.

Free 4×6 informational postcards are available for your class.  If you have questions or would like to contribute your own classroom ideas, please contact me at or through the Founder’s Bio.

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