Guidelines for Educators


A Sequin (an act of kindness) can be passed to humans, as well as to the environment and to animals.  “Passing a Sequin” is a metaphor for extending that kind act to another.

Ideas for implementing Sequin of Kindness

  • Assign students a “kindness assignment” and keep track of their stories.
  • Initiate classroom discussions differentiating being “courteous” from being “kind,” and discovering a true definition of “kindness” — include how hurtful, unkind words can negatively impact when spoken or in print.
  • Consider including the blog as part of your anti-bullying curriculum. Contact for more details pertaining to your grade level.
  • Use the blog as an ice-breaker at the beginning of a term or semester.
  • Integrate “passing a sequin” into an art project, paper, skit, or other multimedia avenue, give them sequins if they participate.
  • Give an “extra credit” assignment or bonus point(s) for submitting a story.
  • Host a “kindness event” at your school to promote the idea beyond the classroom–students can also work in groups.

Suggested Guidelines

  • Ideally it’s best to review the stories prior to submitting them for posting. Only edit for appropriateness, not for content–all postings are done by an administrator of the blog, not directly by students.
  • Remove competition from the assignment (i.e. no prize for “best” kindness story). Can include an incentive such as tossing all names into a hat and selecting one randomly to win a prize.
  • It’s okay if someone refuses a Sequin. Hold a discussion about what that feels like and encourage persistence in trying.
  • Be sure to check school policies prior to submitting stories, photos, resources, and other media to Your name and contact information will not be shared to a third party. Students are allowed to use a “handle” or nickname–MamaKindness is the “handle” for the blog administrator.
  • Use the website as a resource for new ideas, please contribute any thoughts, suggestions, and resources you may have.

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