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The Sequin Of Kindness is a FREE teacher’s resource.  This webpage provides kindness ideas that can be brought into classrooms or community events; the blog (Home Page) provides a  place to share the kind acts or as we call it “passing a sequin”.

A sequin is small but reflects a lot of  light  just like a small act of kindness. This concept is one that I hope will translate and affect our classrooms, schools and communities.

With an emphasis in our culture today to reduce the threat of violence and emotional pain with anti-bullying techniques, what better way to combat this negative phenomenon with positive acts designed to inspire hope, instill confidence, and encourage healthy interactions?

A simple act such as a sweet smile, a friendly hello, offers to include people that get left out, being a voice for someone that is being prejudiced against or oppressed, not allowing someone to be made fun of–these are only a few examples of small but powerful acts.

When students have peace of mind within their classrooms, it allows them to think more clearly, increases their ability to absorb information, encourages joy in themselves and gives them the ability to share this joy with others.  Kindness is the first step in the peace process–kindness prevents bullying.  You do not need to be a teacher or student to participate–anyone can pass a sequin (of kindness).  Consider doing it today!

Visit the Celebrity Kindness or the Kindness Hall of Fame pages for other mainstream organizations exemplifying the ideals of the Sequin of Kindness™.  Check out the Educators Resource and Founder’s Bio pages too!

Jump on board with us–I want to hear your wonderful stories and learn about how you’ve integrated them into your classrooms and communities.  Feel free to contact me at barb@sequinofkindness.org

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