The Karma of Kindness

imagesAs an empath it isn’t unlike me to be doing an act of kindness, it’s just who/how I am. I put so many ahead of myself knowing that the struggle a person may be going through can be painful. However this experience is about my learning to accept gifts of kindness. After a recent unexpected health condition I was placed on a long list of activity restrictions. These restrictions included things like not being able to drive my children to school and their activities, not being able to cook meals for my family, lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk, and no house cleaning etc. Upon my return from the hospital my small town community had organized a dinner meal drop off. Various community members volunteered to make us dinner and drop it off warm and ready to go at dinner time for a whole month!! Never had I anticipated such a thing to happen for me and what perfect timing for it to happen. It allowed myself, my husband and my two sons to be able to relax, sit at the dinner table, enjoy an amazing meal, and each others company without the stress of what was going on with my health. I will be forever grateful for the act of kindness my community had for me and my family during such a difficult time.

~ Sheryl, College Student

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