Kindness For A Stranger

I moved to New England two years ago and accepted a position at a spa. I drove down Amherst Street every day to get to work. In the Fall I noticed a young man walking down the street pretty much every day. He appeared as though he was physically challenged. He had difficulty keeping his limbs still while walking. I must have driven past him 10 or 15 times in the morning when I would be on my way to the spa. It was in the Fall so it was cool outside, but he wasn’t trudging through the snow.

music-headphonesOne morning I saw him walking and I decided I wanted to meet him. He had no problem getting to where he was going, but I thought maybe today he might like a ride. He just so happened to be walking in front of my work, so I pulled into the parking lot and said “hi my name is Megan”, he introduced himself. I asked him if he wanted a ride and he accepted. He was on his way to Bonhoeffer’s Cafe where he would look for work on his computer while having coffee. He was from Indiana and he moved here couple years ago and he loved listening to music. His head phones to his CD player were old so when I dropped him off I gave him a pair of ear buds that I never used.

We parted ways and I never saw him walking down the street again. He told me many people would give him rides, so I wasn’t the only person being kind to him. We had a nice chat that day. I really hate that I haven’t seen him again. I’d love to know more of his story.

~ Megan, College Student

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