The Kindness of Reiki

reikiEarly one morning I received a strange text from an unknown number. The text read “Had a bad fall, please send healing”. I questioned the texter of their identity only to be confused; thinking that it had been a family member/close friend. Having taken energy healing classes such as Reiki 1 and 2, I decided to sit down and use all that I knew to send this person some long distance Reiki. I let her know what I was doing and asked for her name. I spent about a half hour picturing this woman’s pain decreasing and sending as much healing energy as I could.

The next day the woman called me on the telephone. She was so touched by my good deed that she invited me over to her house so she could thank me in person.  I was very hesitant of doing this learning about “stranger danger” growing up…but she lived close and I took my best friend with me for protection. When I arrived, the woman explained that she was a Reiki master and had studied with many of the original, and highly acclaimed, Reiki practitioners. I felt blessed to have met her and to repay me she gave me a very powerful 45 minute Reiki session; I was very grateful. I am so thankful for unique and beautiful moments like these.

~AC College Student

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