Kindness for a Senior Citizen

10765217-a-silhouette-of-a-full-length-portrait-of-a-karate-child-exercising-isolated-on-white-backgroundMy 8-year old son participates in music and karate at two different studios. One night we were hurrying from one studio to the another. It was a snowy and cold winter evening. We noticed a senior citizen carrying a heavy bag in one hand holding a cane in the another.  She was having a difficult time walking, she walked very slowly and carefully.

I told my son that we should help her, but we would definitely be late for his karate class or even miss it. He liked karate so much, but he decided to help the woman anyway. We assisted the woman to her home and missed the karate class. When we arrived at her home, we could see that her family were very worried about her. They did not know that she had decided to go to a shopping. They were so thankful to us. My son and I were glad to help this woman. I was so happy and proud of my son because he chose kindness over his favorite class.

~ College Student, NCC

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