A Gift of Kindness From a Mother

motherchildA woman was told after a long battle with cancer that she was soon going to die.  Her discomfort had been progressing and her body was significantly slowing down.  She was very involved with integrative treatments including meditation and Therapeutic Touch.  As her death was getting closer, she wanted to incorporate a form of energy work that helps to provide a peaceful transition during the active phase of dying. The woman’s daughter was very glad to help in any way to make her mom more comfortable.

The last moments of woman’s life were beautiful beyond words; she was clearly at peace. When you think about the kind one in this situation you may be thinking it’s the daughter; after all she took the Therapeutic Touch classes. But that’s not the correct answer; anyone can take classes. This Sequin of Kindness is all about the mother that gave a special gift of kindness to her daughter and family; a gift not all are capable of giving. The woman invited her daughter into an experience that was sure to be unique and very personal. She showed them you don’t have to fear death; she gave a remarkable gift, a memory that will last a lifetime.

~ College Student, NCC

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