UMass Lowell students share acts of kindness!

1505064_10151832581051498_1851602422_nOver 100 students from the University of Massachusetts Lowell visited the Sequin of Kindness™ booth at their Stress Relief Day fair!  They had so many great acts of kindness to share showing, once again, a small act of kindness does goes a long way.  Below are just a few.


Thank you to Tracy Moore and her team for heading up this great UML event.


Bought food for my friend because she has a limited income.

Gave a homeless man money.

Moved a grocery cart out of a parking spot.

Help someone that was lost.

I picked up my international friends from a train station when they missed their ride.

Helped someone pick up their dropped books in the library.

Took care of a friend when they were sick.

I used a guest meal on a stranger who was hungry.

Helped a friend with calculus homework.

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