A Special Act of Kindness

great-job-sealAs I have posted before I work with the developmentally delayed and mentally ill population of the Greater Nashua area. This story is about one of my clients who lives with autism, speech delays, depression and anxiety. This client normally is very much aware of what goes on around him but suffers from uncertainty in how to react to others in a social context.

One day at work he decided to be very kind and sweet and pick up a heavy mop to give to a fellow client. This small act, though it may seem small to others, was a milestone for him! I immediately congratulated him and told my supervisors! We all congratulated him on such a wonderfully kind gesture. If anyone would like information about the company I work for or more information about me, please feel free to contact me at (email: cyrus6284@yahoo.com). And Barb, as always it’s a pleasure adding to this wonderful project you have created!

~ Jeff, College Student

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