The Kindness of Neighbors

old-people-crossing-the-road-mdDuring the past winter months the seasonal house across from where I live is often unoccupied and therefore the owners didn’t plow the driveway with every storm.  One Friday, the elderly owners came for an overnight stay and were attempting to shovel the hardened mass of foot deep snow so that they could get their car off of the street.  I was worried that one of them might have a heart attack from the effort.

Luckily, I was off from work that day and fortunately I own a small tractor with a bucket on it.  I walked across the street and told the couple that I was going to help them after I got the tractor started.  It took quite a while to make much of a dent in that hardened snow, but slowly the pavement of the driveway emerged.  The couple was very grateful for the help.  I recently saw the elderly woman again.  She said, I still owe you for helping us on the winter day.”  I said, “You don’t owe me anything.  Neighbors should always help their neighbors.”

~Janice, College Student

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