Teens Enjoy Paying-It-Forward

imagesMy 16 year old daughter and her friend frequent a local family restaurant and have become friends with one particular waiter. On their last visit, this waiter’s section was full, so the girls were seated in another section. “Their” waiter came to visit a couple of times during the meal, and when he noticed they were done eating, he brought over their favorite dessert, letting them know he was treating them.  They were so surprised and grateful!
On their way out of the restaurant the girls noticed some tourists trying to get a group photo.  My daughter offered to take the photo for them so everyone could be included in it.  When she returned home she related the story to me with such enthusiasm, saying “Our waiter started a pay-it-forward chain and we kept it going. This could keep going for a long time if everyone in that tourist group does something small for someone else.” Indeed!  ~T.G., College Student

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