Kindness Hall of Fame Inductee, Gene Baur, President of Farm Sanctuary

2012_05-26_FSNY_Gene_with_Meg_cow_DSC_2128-2_CREDIT_Farm_Sanctuary_1125x750_300_RGBWhen I hear the name Gene Baur, I immediate think of, kindness to animals. Gene has been inducted into the Kindness Hall of Fame for his years of dedication and kindness towards our farm animal friends. Thank you Gene!

Excerpt below provided by: Farm Sanctuary, read full bio here.

Gene began his activist career selling veggie hotdogs out of a VW van at Grateful Dead concerts to fund farm animal rescues. Today, he serves as president of Farm Sanctuary, the nation’s leading farm animal protection organization, with shelters in New York and California. Providing rescue, refuge, and adoption for hundreds of farm animals each year, Farm Sanctuary shelters enable visitors to connect with farm animals as emotional, intelligent individuals. Gene believes these animals stand as ambassadors for the billions on factory farms who have no voice, and he has dedicated his career to advocating on their behalf.

Gene has also testified in courts and before local, state, and federal legislative bodies, advocating for better conditions for farm animals. His most important achievements include winning the first-ever cruelty conviction at a U.S. stockyard and introducing the first U.S. laws to prohibit cruel farming confinement methods in Florida, Arizona, and California.

200034Gene’s book, Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals and Food, was published by Touchstone in March 2008 and has appeared on the Los Angeles Times and The Boston Globe bestseller lists.

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