Summer Kindness

playing_children_clipart_free_20121124_1782285647I am a mother of two and live close to our town lake.  My children and I spend a lot of the hot summer days at the lake keeping cool and having fun.  Over the past few years we have befriended a boy that rides his bike to the lake almost every day.  This little boy is usually by himself and does not always have snacks, something to drink or sunscreen.

On our first trip to the lake this season, we arrived to find our little friend getting pink from the sun.  I immediately sprayed him with sunscreen.  I inquired if we would be seeing him the following day and he said yes.  When we saw him the next day I gave him a swim shirt to cover up his skin.  I also made sure that I had packed a few extra drinks in my cooler and offered him some of our food.  I’m hoping by extending this act of kindness he will know we care about him.

~ J.S.

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