Preschool Kids Have Fun Being Kind!

A preschool teacher in New York City, included a Sequin of Kindness™ project in her classroom. She sent home a notice to the parents explaining the kindness activity she arranged for the children–they were very enthusiastic! As the children extended an act of kindness at home or in the classroom, they had fun sticking sequins onto a poster hung at their school.

Thank you to the great teachers out there encouraging kindness in their classrooms!  Remember, kindness prevents bullying.

📚 Here are their Sequin of Kindness™ stories:

😊 ~ William:  My mommy brought me home a cookie that she kept in her purse.  When she gave it to me, it was broken in half.  Instead of getting upset that it was broken, I told her, now there’s one for you and one for me.

😊 ~ Dino:  I gave my legos to Jackson because he was sad, I wanted to share.

😊 ~ Abigail:  One of my friends was crying, I gave him my seat at the computer so he would stop crying.

😊 ~ KiKi:  I was playing with a girl at the park, her shoe came off and I helped her put it back on.

😊 ~ Lila:  I gave one of my friends my toy when he was sad.

😊 ~ Hugo:  I helped my teacher push the chairs under the table while my friends played.

😊 ~ Emily:  I picked up a coat that fell off the hook so my teacher didn’t have to pick it up.

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