The Kind Students at UMass Lowell

IMG_0142The students at UMass Lowell gladly participated at the Sequin of Kindness booth by sharing acts of kindness during UML’s Stress Relief Day fair. This fair, organized by Tracy Moore, Assistant Director of Health Education & Promotion, is designed to make students aware of the importance of good health (physical, mental and spiritual).

Tracy leads a great team of UML staff, vendors, volunteers and students two times per year to help the students to relax mind and body in an effort to be better prepared for final exams. Justin Lawler, Associate Director of Campus Recreation, prepares UMass Lowell’s large recreation center for this well attended event.

Here are just a few of the kind acts that were posted on the Sequin of Kindness board. Remember, a sequin is small but reflects a lot of light, just like a small act of kindness!


~ I helped a friend move into the dorm.

~ I bought lunch for a homeless man.

~ Sent some books for kids in India anonymously.

~ Helped my friends study for their exam.

~ I helped a lost freshmen find a building on campus.

IMG_0107~ Returned a fallen leash to a dog walker (with four dogs) while walking in the woods.

~ I fixed my friend’s truck the night before he left on a trip to Florida.

~ I donated money for the Boston fund.

~ I paid for a stranger’s lunch because his card got declined.

IMG_0126~ I carried all of the luggage for handicapped person at the airport.

~ Gave a stranger money to get home.

~ Walked an intoxicated friend home.

~ Served at a local soup kitchen.

~ Gave a homeless man $5 bucks to get food.

~ Helped raise money for relay for life.


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