Mother’s Day Walk for Peace – Boston May 12th

59e66df1fb5b1c1bb4f5a728aa4d3c1a_q3i2This year on Mother’s Day I, along with the church I belong to, am walking in the 17th Annual Mother’s Day Walk For Peace in Dorchester MA. The Mother’s Day Walk For Peace began in 1996 for families who lost their children to violence. 


Unknown-1The funds raised support the programs of the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute which provides programs to instill peace in school and community settings, support to survivors of homicide victims and the families of perpetrators, and training of professionals, providers and faith leaders working with youth and families impacted by violence. 

Why is the whole church taking part in the walk? After the tragedy in Newtown CT and the helplessness that everyone felt after, we believe that action is better than words and that we can make a difference by raising funds that will go towards trying to prevent another Newtown from ever happening again. As a parent, my heart broke for all the families torn apart by such a senseless act of violence. I can’t even begin to understand how you move on after such a horrific event, but programs the Peace Institute offers does just that. One of the messages our minister has said over and over is that this life and this world matter!

~ Ami H.

Thank you, Ami, for participating in the Mother’s Day Walk for Peace on Sunday, May 12th and encouraging others to join in.  Support Ami’s Team or click here to check out all the teams.

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