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onlinepharmacy-172I went into the healing arts because I really like to help people, especially with their health.  This was ingrained in me because of my Dad’s actions.  He owned the local pharmacy in the little town I grew up in and helped many people.  If folks were going through hard times and couldn’t afford their medicine he always gave it to them for free and told them that they could pay him someday when they had the money.  He never worried if they were unable to pay him.  My Dad was such a great role model that I followed in his footsteps and also became a pharmacist.  Many years later I became an acupuncturist in order to help people regain their health and heal.  If I know someone has been going through hard times I will treat them at no charge.  I know they appreciate this kindness.  Some people are moved to tears.  It makes me feel so good inside to help others.  I hope that they in turn will help someone else in need.  The world becomes a better place when we use our energy to help each other out.
Spectacular-Horses-horses-19665134-1600-1200One recent example of a circle of kindness was the gift to me of a beautiful Chinese painting which was personally painted by a patient that I treat at no charge.  The calligraphy on the painting talks about me being a healer of people and horses (I also treat horses in my practice).  I think that this person must have worked weeks on this painting.  This gift is more precious than any money I could have charged for treating this person. It made my day and repaid my kindness tenfold.
What a great life’s mission you are on. Thank you Barb!
Janice Perry

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