Good Karma, Many Sequins

??????????????????????Life has been pretty busy lately, I have been taking the time to help a classmate with some homework, lending a hand in the classroom of a different course along with helping some friends move.  I’ve also, extended a listening ear and shared some food with friends that have been short on money and going through a difficult time.

ohmIn general, I try to be kind and helpful to as many people who cross my path as I can. I’ve been doing all this while concentrating on the concept of karma. I’ve figured out that karma is just energy and that we are all responsible for the energy that we put out into the world. Regardless of what we experience, we get to decide whether it is good or bad and how much to contribute. When the time comes for me to pass on, I hope that the world is just a little bit better off for having known me and that my energy continues to travel around the world, flowing through the people that I’ve touched–that is my goal.

~ James H., College Student

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