The Kindness of Hospital Staff

My position in Hematology/Oncology allows me to observe the kindness of nurses, medical and administrative staff given to patients daily.  It’s a perfect blend of professionalism and compassion delivered with a kind smile.  There’s an understanding that the patient may be worried, confused and stressed.  They listen attentively and help them through, what can be, a very difficult journey.  Each patient has a story and the needs of each patient are treated individually.  Although I work closely with my nurse compadres, the entire team (all staff) is essential when dealing with these complicated medical conditions.

It’s an honor to work with such a special group of people that continually display a great respect for the patients as well as for each other.   Not only do they have warm greetings for the patients as they arrive, there’s always a warm greeting for me too.

I could go on with more praises for these champions, but I’ll stop now with simply, thank you.

~ Barb

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