Kindness While Driving

I want to share a kindness concept that I practice. That is driving with intention – to be kind!

So often other drivers seem to be in a big hurry or impatient. By driving with intention to be kind I take the opportunity to let others turn when there is a long line, let people out of side streets and slow down (rather than speed up) when someone passes me.

I am a courteous driver but this goes beyond that. Driving with the intention of kindness may help reduce incidents of road rage and I feel like I am helping others in some small way. We never really know why others drive they way they do but if we let them pass us or cut in front of us assuming that it is really important to them – then let it go – we all benefit.

Linda ~ College Student

About Barb - mamakindness

Founder, Sequin of Kindness.
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