Tiny Sequins Passed to Tiny Piglets & Mama Too!

Julia, a terribly abused pig, gave birth to her piglets shortly after Farm Sanctuary rescued her.  Farm Sanctuary is amazing and is always extending tremendous acts of kindness! 

Excerpt below, full story here on their site.

Then, a mere eight hours after she arrived at our New York Shelter, the sow gave birth to 16 premature piglets. The premature labor was, no doubt, a result of her extreme stress. Our new Melrose Small Animal Hospital proved to be a tremendous asset during this emergency delivery, allowing us to keep the piglets safe and comfortable as we cleaned the birthing area. It is touch-and-go for these fragile babies, and our shelter’s entire staff has been helping to provide the medical care, fluids, and hourly feedings that they require around the clock.


Support your favorite charity, Farm Sanctuary is one of mine.  I adopted a pig a year ago, her name is Jane–looks like she has a new friend!

Please be kind to animals.  ~ Barb, @mamakindness

About Barb - mamakindness

Founder, Sequin of Kindness. sequinofkindness.org
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