Tree of Kindness & Sequined Leaves

Laura Moore, Girl Scout Troop 30819 Leader headed up a special project with the girls in her troop and the Murray Elementary School.  As explains, the mission of  the Girl Scouts (Crossroads Girl Scouts Association) has always been to develop both confidence and competence in young women. Additionally, community service has been a primary element of living the Girl Scout creed. Below is an excerpt from a post on regarding the Tree of Kindness project and it’s proactive approach to combating bullying in schools.

Moore: “As an extension of the Week of Respect and Kindness (W.O.R.K.), an empty paper tree was posted in the Multi-Purpose Room. The concept was to have individual students write a pledge of kindness onto a leaf that would then be applied to the tree. Prior to that, our members spent hours researching exactly what qualifies as bullying. They also invested time in identifying times when they might have been bullied or even times when they’ve possibly done things that could be perceived as bullying or just not nice. The introspection time was meaningful and they were honest with each other.”

The Sequin Of Kindness participated by donating wristbands for all the children (and staff) who participated. As each child passed in their leaf pledge, they received a wristband.

The Sequin Of Kindness also has a proactive approach to putting a stop to bullying as Kindness Prevents Bullying. Contact me, Barb Petricone, if you would like ideas of how to bring kindness projects or assignments into your school, classroom or community or go to Educator Resources.

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