Sequins & Dogs Go Together

My act of warming help was towards a dog.  My son and I walk to school each day, and often pass a dog and talk to it through the fence. On Tuesday though we noticed it had pushed down a fence paling, so it could see the outside world. I went up to it, and was hesitant to reach my hand in, but it stuck it’s paw out, and insisted I hold it. So I sat there for ages, just holding this dogs paw, and talking to it softly.

I’m not sure whether it really qualifies, but for me it was a very special experience. I truly felt like I connected with the dog, and gave it something that it needed – companionship and love and warmth. And it changed me too – the feeling of extreme contentment I got from being able to give this to the dog.

MamaKindness loves it when people are creative with their kind acts!

Story and photos by istopforsuffering. Check out her blog too–beautiful!



This post is part of an online kindness class taught by Andy Smallman of Kind Living and Cofounder of the Puget Sound Community School.  Read more…

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