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I read the chapter on “warmth” this morning and it really helped me understand how the giver and receiver are one.

When I get a massage or any kind of healing treatment, I have just seen this as me receiving. From now on, I will seeing it as giving also. I have a massage this coming Sat, and I will use this new knowledge as I give and receive.  I wrote this poem after a special massage I had one day…

Radical Love

Today I got a massage
From someone
I hardly knew.
The tight spot in my back,
When touched,
Made me cry out,
Releasing old memories and feelings
In the spot where I hold out love
Hold out God.
So tight, so hunched over, so curled in
That rigamortis had almost set in
The touch gave me a glimpse
A long flash
Of what it is like to feel God’s love all the time

~ Gail

This post is part of an online kindness class taught by Andy Smallman of Kind Living and Cofounder of the Puget Sound Community School.  Read more… 

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