A Greeting Card Of Sequined Kind Thoughts

This week one of my co-workers was having a difficult time due to the continuous teasing from some of the workers in the kitchen. My friend is eight months pregnant and usually nothing bothers her, but today was different. There is much stress and worry in her life and this was one day she just let her emotions flow out.

So, when I came to work I gave her a card to let her know how special she is and how much her smile brings warmth to my heart. She is a very sweet and kind person. We then started to talk about family and her other two children and how she wanted to have family photographs taken because she has never had any done. So, we set a date and I took them for her. A little Mother’s Day gift.

This post is part of an online kindness class taught by Andy Smallman of Kind Living and Cofounder of the Puget Sound Community School.  Read more…http://kindliving.wordpress.com/

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