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My friend Spencer was cleaning up after a class he facilitated and there was a pretty big mess. I was just walking past the room so I decided to ask him if he needed help. At first he said no but then I insisted and he said yes, so I helped sweep the floor and stuff. And then I realized that this would be a good thing for this assignment because I feel that just because I wasn’t in the class doesn’t mean I don’t have to help! After all we are all one big group, the school! So we should all help each other. I don’t mean to sound cheesy like,”help each other!” or “world peace!” but it’s true. You never know how much of a difference you can make in someones life if you just give them a little support. One more thing, when doing this action, I did not do it out of thinking, “oh hey I should do this so I can write it on blog.” I hadn’t realized it could be something to put on the blog until the next day.  ~Margaux

This post is part of an online kindness class taught by Andy Smallman of Kind Living and Cofounder of the Puget Sound Community School.  Read more…

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