A Sequin Of Kindness, For An Old Dog

As I was driving to an appointment, I saw a bit of a slowdown ahead and couldn’t figure out why traffic was moving so strangely. It turned out there was a very slow old black lab who was trying to cross the road to his person on the other side of the street, and cars were weaving all around to avoid him. I stopped so that I pretty much blocked the road, rolled down my window and smiled and waved at the owner, and clapped when the old dog made it across… I noticed that the owner looked relieved and happy, and that the person in the car behind me was also smiling. It was such an easy thing to do, like so many kindnesses… it seems to be so much more about taking the time than expending the effort.
~ Diane
This post is part of an online kindness class taught by Andy Smallman of Kind Living and Cofounder of the Puget Sound Community School.  Read more…http://kindliving.wordpress.com/

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