Brave Friend Stands Up To Bus Stop Bully

When I was in high school I was often the witness at the bus stop where a young man named David also went. David was was picked on tirelessly by his peers. One day I had, seen and heard, enough of this. And when a peer decided to try and punch him I stood in the way and pushed the bully aside. I then told him that violence was never the answer and that his immaturity for resorting to violence was only going to do himself more harm then good.

David thanked me for standing up for him though, at the time, he was shocked to see someone actually on his side. After the bus ride into school that day I went to my guidance counselor and explained everything I had witnessed from this time and all times previously. I’m assuming this situation was handled because from that day on David was never picked on by this same kid again.

Jeff B. ~ Student, Nashua Community College


I’m so impressed by the courage of this young man!  Jeff did everything right during this scary encounter.  He stood up for the victim and helped the bully at the same time by pointing out the immaturity of this type of behavior.  Reporting incidents like this is a very important step in stopping bullying in schools.  Thank you, Jeff, for your bravery and kind heart.  ~ MamaKindness

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