Cancer Survivor Passes Sequins

While a Grandmother was eating at a restaurant in Chelmsford, Massachusetts with her daughter and five grandchildren, a woman approached the table and asked if they were all related.  They said they were and the woman asked the Mom if she could give the children a small gift.  The Mom agreed and the woman gave $5.00 each to the younger children and gave the oldest child $20.00.  The family thanked the woman repeatedly for her generosity.

In the restaurant a short time later, the Grandmother asked the woman why she gave the gift.  The woman explained that it was her last day of chemotherapy and wanted to celebrate with an act of kindness.  This caught the Grandmother by surprise as the very next day was her first day of chemotherapy.  The women gave the Grandmother words of encouragement.  Clearly the true gift was showing the Grandmother what the other side of chemotherapy looks like.

Thank you to the stranger who passed a sequin of kindness at the most perfect time.

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