Sequin Of Life ~ Kindness Hall of Fame Inductee Maura Snow

I recently heard from my friend, Maura Snow.   She casually stated in an email to me that she had donated a kidney to a friend and neighbor.  I called her immediately and she filled me in on the details.  She commented that “human life  is so precious (even my neighbor’s!).” “It was very life affirming to be part of the process.”

Donor Recipient:  “Words cannot express how grateful I am to Maura for the gift of a kidney. I’m happy to be off dialysis and look forward to traveling, seeing family and friends wherever they happen to be, and doing all the other things that are part of a normal life. I’m still humbled and amazed that Maura was willing to go through this whole process. Everyone with kidney disease would love to have such a friend whose donation can shorten the three to five years that the average person waits for a kidney.”

Maura was very pleased by the kindness extended to her from the medical staff at Lahey Clinic, Burilington MA (Lahey Clinic Organ Donation Website Page).

I would have to say Maura, along with all organ donors that have passed a “sequin of life”, deserve to be recognized for their extraordinary acts of kindness.  Let’s all consider being an organ/tissue donor upon our passing or while living.

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