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I was driving to Boston and stopped at my regular gas station. While the attendant was filling my car with gas he noticed my Hello Kitty day timer and asked if I liked cats.  I said yes and he said there is a young cat, probably about 9-10 months, that was dropped off this morning and it had been sitting under a shrub by the side of the road all day.  He said maybe I could take it and find a good home for it.  I couldn’t let the poor kitty sit there and get hurt so I put him in my car and took him with me.   I spent the week looking for a place that would find him a good home.  He was so loving and snuggly and sang all the time, so I decided to call him Brahms.  I asked all my friends it they would give him a home and finally someone mentioned Kitty Connection in Medford, MA.  I called them and asked a lot of questions because I wanted to make sure Brahms would get a nice home.  Brahms was adopted 3 days after I gave him to them into a loving home of his own.

~ Carla

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