Hooray For Kind Teenagers!

I was selling raffle tickets for the Housing Assistance Corp. on Cape Cod one afternoon and we were raffling off a large wooden playhouse, and the money was to benefit homeless children on the Cape (1000 children are homeless or are in danger of being homeless)!  All afternoon small children were playing in the playhouse to be raffled while their parents watched. Some bought raffle tickets which we really appreciated.  At one point I saw three teenagers eyeing the playhouse and I knew they wanted to go in – but felt they would be told they were too big.  So I encouraged them to go in, and they were very excited to sit inside the playhouse for awhile.  When they left, they split the $10 raffle amongst the three of them and bought a ticket to help the children!  Too cool!  Hooray for kind teenagers!

 ~ JT

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  1. Joan Thompson says:

    This was a great story of how deeply teenagers feel and their caring for others! Thanks for sharing!

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