Sequins of Positive Thoughts

When I received this assignment for extra credit I thought it was a no brainer.  I thought I could easily do something kind on this one occasion to fullfil the extra credit criteria……huh!

In October of last year I was at work gossiping with my co-workers about all the negative things going on at work and as I listened to myself talk I didnt like the dialogue I was participating in. I began reading about how powerful words are and by using negative words and emotions I was sending that negative energy out into the universe only to have it come right back at me and that if I started using positive words and thoughts that the positive energy would come back to me. This led me to start a ritual of daily affirmations.  Over that last few months this has been such a positive act of kindness to myself that it has overflowed onto all the people I come in contact with.  I have remained calm and polite in situations where I would have normally been angry or impatient and I’ve done kind things for people I’ve come in contact with without having to even think about it.

I’ve driven by this homeless man quite a few times and  I was giving him change or a couple of ones but on one occasion, I gave him $20. He and I were both shocked but as I drove away, I felt myself smiling. I am hoping to continue to be a more pleasant, helpful peson.  I wanted my sequin of kindness to be more permanent and not just a “one time” act of kindness.

~ Karla

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