Veggie Lunch & Sequins

I had organized a working lunch meeting with the IT team that I support. I had lunch catered from a place that I often order through. A week before the meeting I had asked if anyone had food restrictions. Only one person responded that he was a vegetarian. Being a vegetarian myself, I can sympathize with food options at large events. I ordered two special veggie dishes for us. At the meeting a gentleman had the second veggie dish in hand, not knowing it was for me, and asked if he could have it because he too was a vegetarian. He had not mentioned this earlier, so I had not ordered 3 veggie dishes. I had the option of telling him that it was mine, or giving up my lunch. I replied with “of course!” knowing that I would be subjected to filling up on breadsticks and salad that came along with the pasta dish. Though I went home that night very hungry, I was happy to know that I was able to give up my lunch to feed someone else.

~ Amanda

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