Sequin Smiles for Patients

The other day my Mom and I were talking about the patients she has at the retirement home.  She told me that she talked about me to them.  She said that they all loved hearing about me. Her patients are always telling her that they wanted to meet me, being that they hear about me all the time.  So when she told me that they wanted to see me, I told her that I wanted to go and meet them.  So we went to the retirement home, and when I was walking by the rooms I saw the smiles on all of their faces and the happy way they reacted when I spent time with them.  My mom told me that some of the patients don’t have families that come and visit them, or even want to have anything to do with them. Visiting the home made me feel like a better person.  Seeing their smiles meant something special to me.

~ Tiffany

About sequinofkindness

A sequin is small but reflects a lot of light; an act of kindness towards another can be small but also have great impact. Pass a sequin of kindness to someone today!
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