Santa’s Helper

There is an older gentleman that lives in my apartment building who greets everyone with a friendly “How do you do” and when you ask him back he says in a chipper tone “Can’t complain, better than yesterday!” He helps everyone out. When I first moved in, I noticed that my shoes were always perfectly lined outside of my door, his doing so that others wouldn’t trip down the stairs. My boyfriend left his keys in the door over night and we were greeted by his smiling face in the morning telling us that he had kept at eye on them until we got to them. Recently, I thought I lost my debit card and license, but I had dropped them outside and he returned them to me. Everyone in the building has wonderful stories about how he has helped them in one way or another. He truly ! represents the spirit of Christmas!

~ Amanda 

About sequinofkindness

A sequin is small but reflects a lot of light; an act of kindness towards another can be small but also have great impact. Pass a sequin of kindness to someone today!
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