Fire & Ice

I was going into Boston for a friends birthday lunch.  I finally found a spot on the side of the road and a homeless woman came up to my car and advised me to back up more so I wouldn’t get a ticket.  I appreciated the help and she asked for money but unfortunately I had no cash, so I gave her all the change I had.   When we went to lunch I snuck some granola, a burger, and a bagel in my purse thinking about giving them to the lady on the street.  When we finished lunch she wasn’t still there so I left and said a quiet prayer that the money I did give her she put towards food for her and her daughter even though I knew it wouldnt have been much.  I still think and pray for her from time to time and I think I always will.


About sequinofkindness

A sequin is small but reflects a lot of light; an act of kindness towards another can be small but also have great impact. Pass a sequin of kindness to someone today!
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