Stairway To Heaven

My Best Friend “S”, recently lost his grandmother.  It was very hard for him.  I was there when he needed me, even the nights he didnt want me over I was still there.  He has accepted that she is gone (his mom passed. 😦 2 weeks ago–she was a good friend of mine too).  The story I want to share is about all of us, His Friends… We have been with him everyday since this happened.  Its been really hard to keep up with school, basketball, work and most importantly, keeping him SAFE. He’s been having trouble accepting our help, but now he seems much better.  He knows that we love him and we’ll be by his side no matter what.   I love him very very very much… and I will keep on doing things with him until the day I DIE. He is like a brother to me 🙂   Special, and many, thanks to Niki, Ken & Jenn for being with “S” when he needed us the most!

~ YaYa

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