Sharing the Wealth~Coupon Kindness

A tiny sequin of kindness, as small as it gets, can bring great joy to those who least expect it.  While grocery shopping, I came across a little old lady trying to figure what brand of coffee to get.  Her dilemma was that she had a coupon for the brand that was on sale but it was for an additional dollar on two cans.  As we talked, I learned that she just wanted enough coffee for herself; two cans were too much.  So, I gave her my coupon to save one dollar on only one can. She was genuinely grateful.  I left her in the isle as she finalized her decision.  I later saw her shopping with one can of coffee in her basket.  I smiled to myself knowing that I shared a small sequin of kindness and we were both benefiting.


About sequinofkindness

A sequin is small but reflects a lot of light; an act of kindness towards another can be small but also have great impact. Pass a sequin of kindness to someone today!
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