Random Kindness

I work in a church office in NH. A random woman comes into my office every other month or so.  She hands me 4 Market Basket gift cards for $25 each.  She wants me to give them to people who may need them.  Needy people also randomly walk into a church office -all the time.  Did you know that?  Pass it on if you did not, it may help someone some day.  Over the past year, I have given those cards to: a lady who got her hours cut and was in desperate need of food for her child; a welfare lady who just got diagnosed w/ MS and had a splitting headache and no money even to buy aspirin; an eldery shut-in who needed vitamins; a lady whose food stamps got messed up and had to wait one full extra week before they resumed; a man who had to decide between using his last money for food, or for gas in his truck to drive to an interview.  The list goes on.  This random woman is sprinkling sequin sparkles all over this town!


About sequinofkindness

A sequin is small but reflects a lot of light; an act of kindness towards another can be small but also have great impact. Pass a sequin of kindness to someone today!
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