The Karma of Kindness

imagesAs an empath it isn’t unlike me to be doing an act of kindness, it’s just who/how I am. I put so many ahead of myself knowing that the struggle a person may be going through can be painful. However this experience is about my learning to accept gifts of kindness. After a recent unexpected health condition I was placed on a long list of activity restrictions. These restrictions included things like not being able to drive my children to school and their activities, not being able to cook meals for my family, lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk, and no house cleaning etc. Upon my return from the hospital my small town community had organized a dinner meal drop off. Various community members volunteered to make us dinner and drop it off warm and ready to go at dinner time for a whole month!! Never had I anticipated such a thing to happen for me and what perfect timing for it to happen. It allowed myself, my husband and my two sons to be able to relax, sit at the dinner table, enjoy an amazing meal, and each others company without the stress of what was going on with my health. I will be forever grateful for the act of kindness my community had for me and my family during such a difficult time.

~ Sheryl, College Student

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Being Kind To The Elderly

smallThis past week I was at the pharmacy waiting in line. The older man in front of me was waiting to be cashed out. The pharmacist told him that they did not has his insurance on file and they could not give him his prescription unless he went home to get his insurance card. He told her that he had taken a bus to get here, and he wouldn’t be back before they closed. I politely spoke up and told the old man not to worry that I would help him, as long as he passed on an act of kindness.

~ Kayla, College Student

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Emergency Kindness

home_clip_art_17386I was driving home from the store this weekend and saw a chimney on fire. I slammed on my breaks and pulled my car over. I ran to the door of the house. Luckily someone was home as I was just about to call 911. All was good, the home owner was getting a ladder to go up and put it out. Talk about a heart pounding moment!

~ Susan, College Student

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The Kindness of Lending a Hand

old-people-crossing-the-road-mdI had just left the Walmart parking lot, and had notice a middle-aged man with only one leg holding a sign asking for assistance. I then, in the midst of driving, decided to stop and offer him some cash. I did not feel obligated, as I always pass people holding signs. I could see a genuine struggle and wanted to lend a hand.

~ Chad, College Student

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Snail Mail Kindness

Stamped_Letters_WideThe other day I was in the mood to send “snail mail.” Go to the post office, buy a stamp, and send something unexpected to someone!

A few months ago I was graced with a beautiful mentor, Ashleigh. She is moving in a couple weeks to a distant location so I, unfortunately, had to find a new mentor. She was such an inspiration. A young, beautiful massage therapist and wife to be, full of LOVE and care.  An amazing listener. I often remember a quote that goes something like “The kindest people are the ones who have been hurt the most.”
Something along those lines. I thought, she deserved something!!

I went to the Quartz Source and bought a handful of stones (Citrine, Lapis, Rose Quartz, and Turquoise) for Ashleigh. I messaged her husband-to-be to ask for their address. Off went the stones to Ashleigh with a note too. Just a big thank you for her time and kindness, friendship, and guidance. She got the stones and messaged me, “You are the cutest, sweetest ever!!!!! I got so excited to get mail from you I tore into it! Hahah! Thank you much!!”

~ Meagan, College Student

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Love For The Elderly

gsweddingservices19 (4) 2Fourteen is the age to sleep until noon, obsess over texting, and crave the latest and greatest computer game. Not to mention adjust to high school. Homework, studying, and fun. It can often be difficult to find a perfect balance between the three. Especially when you have this burning desire to help others and do something constructive with your free time. Meet me, Jacob Cramer, a freshman at Orange High School in Pepper Pike, Ohio.

My whole life, I have eagerly wanted to benefit my community and make a difference in this world. When trying to think of ways to better society, I turned to the elderly, a group that does not receive the kindness or attention they deserve. The elderly have paved the pathway to success for my generation, and they deserve to be appreciated and loved. Nevertheless, it was quite apparent to me after my grandfather’s passing that the elderly so often feel lonely and neglected, especially those in assisted living facilities. In November of 2013, I set out to bring a little bit of extra happiness into the lives of the elderly through handwritten letters. Since then, I have collected and distributed nearly ten thousand letters to nursing homes and assisted living facilities, coming from all around the world.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 11.08.41 PMIt’s been really amazing to see how my organization has changed the lives of the elderly. The amount of positive response I have received has been simply incredible, and it is overwhelming to look at how my organization has grown. Who would have thought that one teenage boy creating a little community service project for himself could have turned into such a huge movement of kindness!

I did not set out for recognition or accolades. No, I set out to change the world for the better. My experiences have shown me that the world really is a wonderful place, and that there are so many kind souls out there willing to help others. I believe with all my heart that kindness is the key to happiness.

When I die, I want to be remembered as a giver. As a philanthropist. As a kind-hearted person who wanted nothing but the best for others.

dT1hSFIwY0Rvdkx6TmpMVzFoYVd4amIyMHRiSGhoTG5ObGNuWmxjaTVzWVc0dmJXRnBiQzlqYkdsbGJuUXZhVzUwWlhKdVlXd3ZZWFIwWVdOb2JXVnVkQzlrYjNkdWJHOWhaQzkwWVhSME1GOHhMUzB0ZEcxaGFURXpZakkwTWpSbE9HWTBOREE1T1dFN2FuTmxjM05wYjI1cFpEMHpNamhETmpoRE5UQkVOemMxUmpJMVEwUTFOREZFUVThink deeply about each of the following sets of words and what they represent. “Top-class, rich, good-looking.” “Kind, humble, compassionate.” For which set of words would YOU like to be remembered? While the choice may not be an easy one, I think we can all agree: The actions we make today will have a major impact on the world of tomorrow. “Be the person that makes others feel special. Be remembered for your kindness and grace.” ~Unknown

Please, I encourage you to start giving back to your community. It does not have to be through my organization. Nonetheless, whatever venue you may choose, I promise you this: You will be glad you did it.

If you would like to learn more about my organization and how you can help, please visit Also, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you!


Jacob Cramer, Founder of Love For The Elderly

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The Kindness of Neighbors

newspaper3In my apartment complex, there is an elderly woman who lives on the first floor. This woman has an oxygen tank and it’s difficult for her to get around. She had made several signs in the main hallway asking people to stop stealing her newspaper (it was clearly labeled on the plastic).

I thought it would be nice to bring this lady’s newspaper to her, minimizing the chances of it getting stolen and saving her a trip outside. Every day, for two weeks, I left her newspaper in front of her door and prayed she didn’t open it when I dropped it off.

To this day, my neighbor has no idea it was me leaving the newspaper at her door!

~ Trista, College Student

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The Kindness of Donations

UnknownI recently donated a crib, pack and play, and some other baby items to a local charity called Care Net Pregnancy Center in Nashua, NH. They provide education, medical care, and materials free of charge to women, as well as men, who need assistance.  I was helped immensely by this organization almost a decade ago when I found myself in need.  I choose to give back to them as often as I am able because I understand the great need for their assistance within our community.

~ Lindsey, College Student

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The Kindness of Sharing a Home

flint-clipart-eTMyr78TnMy husband and I have invited people to share our home that were either struggling with money or needed a change in their environment. Over the past few years, we took in five people. Some were family and others were people we knew from work and they became family.

I do what I do to make people smile and make their day a little better : )

~ Adrienne, College Student

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Yoga Kindness

k6484129I volunteer my time to help at the local yoga teacher training once a month to break down and clean up because the students are very tired from long weekends practicing yoga. I also volunteer my time to run the store filled with supplies for relaxation and education on the weekends. I like doing it because I get to meet all the new students in the trainings and because everyone is so tired after the weekend they really appreciate the help.

~ Naresa, College Student

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