The Kind Volunteers at Soup Kitchens

logoAs an act of kindness I have volunteered at Share Outreach in Milford NH. Two Tuesdays a month they have a community dinner and this week we had free range chicken soup. The chickens were donated! I washed dishes after the meal with a beautiful group of people, it was great fun.

~ College Student, NCC

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Kindness for a Senior Citizen

10765217-a-silhouette-of-a-full-length-portrait-of-a-karate-child-exercising-isolated-on-white-backgroundMy 8-year old son participates in music and karate at two different studios. One night we were hurrying from one studio to the another. It was a snowy and cold winter evening. We noticed a senior citizen carrying a heavy bag in one hand holding a cane in the another.  She was having a difficult time walking, she walked very slowly and carefully.

I told my son that we should help her, but we would definitely be late for his karate class or even miss it. He liked karate so much, but he decided to help the woman anyway. We assisted the woman to her home and missed the karate class. When we arrived at her home, we could see that her family were very worried about her. They did not know that she had decided to go to a shopping. They were so thankful to us. My son and I were glad to help this woman. I was so happy and proud of my son because he chose kindness over his favorite class.

~ College Student, NCC

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An Anonymous Gift of Kindness

grocery-gift-cardA friend and colleague is going through a very difficult time in her life. She is struggling financially and has serious issues with one of her children. She is such a hard worker and such a great person. She confided in me that things were so desperate that she had to turn to her local food bank for help just to feed her and her children. I was shocked and sad. She did not want any hand outs and was not angry or looking for sympathy or help. I knew she would not accept money, so I anonymously gave her gift cards to a local grocery store.

~ College Student, NCC

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Lending a Loving Hand

mother-and-baby-silhouetteWhen I found out that one of my “other moms” had advanced cancer, I visited with her regularly at her home where her partner and a former partner were lovingly tending to her.  

I decided that I needed to stay to also lend a loving hand.  I made meals and made sure that the others were cared for as well. Those two weeks were so profound to me. I’m eternally grateful that I was able to be there to take care of her as well as her partner as she prepared to transition.

~ College Student, NCC

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A Gift of Kindness From a Mother

motherchildA woman was told after a long battle with cancer that she was soon going to die.  Her discomfort had been progressing and her body was significantly slowing down.  She was very involved with integrative treatments including meditation and Therapeutic Touch.  As her death was getting closer, she wanted to incorporate a form of energy work that helps to provide a peaceful transition during the active phase of dying. The woman’s daughter was very glad to help in any way to make her mom more comfortable.

The last moments of woman’s life were beautiful beyond words; she was clearly at peace. When you think about the kind one in this situation you may be thinking it’s the daughter; after all she took the Therapeutic Touch classes. But that’s not the correct answer; anyone can take classes. This Sequin of Kindness is all about the mother that gave a special gift of kindness to her daughter and family; a gift not all are capable of giving. The woman invited her daughter into an experience that was sure to be unique and very personal. She showed them you don’t have to fear death; she gave a remarkable gift, a memory that will last a lifetime.

~ College Student, NCC

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UMass Lowell students share acts of kindness!

1505064_10151832581051498_1851602422_nOver 100 students from the University of Massachusetts Lowell visited the Sequin of Kindness™ booth at their Stress Relief Day fair!  They had so many great acts of kindness to share showing, once again, a small act of kindness does goes a long way.  Below are just a few.


Thank you to Tracy Moore and her team for heading up this great UML event.


Bought food for my friend because she has a limited income.

Gave a homeless man money.

Moved a grocery cart out of a parking spot.

Help someone that was lost.

I picked up my international friends from a train station when they missed their ride.

Helped someone pick up their dropped books in the library.

Took care of a friend when they were sick.

I used a guest meal on a stranger who was hungry.

Helped a friend with calculus homework.

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Children, Games & Kindness!

extraLife300x250This will be the third year that my husband and I participated in a charity event called Extra Life. Extra Life is a 24-hour gaming marathon that raises money for children’s hospitals that are part of the Children’s Miracle Network. We ask people to pledge money and then we game for 24 straight hours – board games, video games, table top games, computer games, even phone apps!



We also take spot donations to help us get the edge in certain games against other players. We’ve been helping to spread the word and raise money ever since Extra Life started; this charity has raised millions of dollars and has also helped our local Children’s Hospital in Boston.

Angela’s blog:  Dear Aradia & email

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A Special Act of Kindness

great-job-sealAs I have posted before I work with the developmentally delayed and mentally ill population of the Greater Nashua area. This story is about one of my clients who lives with autism, speech delays, depression and anxiety. This client normally is very much aware of what goes on around him but suffers from uncertainty in how to react to others in a social context.

One day at work he decided to be very kind and sweet and pick up a heavy mop to give to a fellow client. This small act, though it may seem small to others, was a milestone for him! I immediately congratulated him and told my supervisors! We all congratulated him on such a wonderfully kind gesture. If anyone would like information about the company I work for or more information about me, please feel free to contact me at (email: And Barb, as always it’s a pleasure adding to this wonderful project you have created!

~ Jeff, College Student

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Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary – Years of Kindness!

800px-Gene_Baur_1Gene Baur stopped by the CTM TV studio via Skype recently–what can I say about this man, his years of kindness towards animals is truly amazing!  Gene discusses the start up of Farm Sanctuary, their first animal rescue and the importance of passing laws in an effort to treat farm animals more humanely.

View the full episode or short clips on the Video Clips Page of this website or on YouTube.

Farm Sanctuary Walk 2011 001The Boston Farm Sanctuary Walk for Animals takes place Saturday, September 7th on the Boston Common.  There are walks across the U.S., click here to see if there’s a walk near you!

2011-08-24-barb-petricone-077 - Version 2~ Barb (MamaKindness)

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Cell Phone Found & Kindly Returned

iphone01One night, driving home late from work, I saw a bright shining light in the road. I thought it was an animal and did not want to hit it! I stopped my car and got out–come to find out, it was a cell phone! Because of the time, I decided to bring it home with me; I wasn’t sure what to do about it at first.

My husband and I tried to figure out who to contact about the phone, but the battery had died. After searching for the right charger, we charged the battery and made some phone calls from the numbers in the phone.

The owner called us back and was very excited and happy that we had found her phone. She came to pick up the phone and said how thankful she was that she did not have to buy another one!

~ Jessica, College Student

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